The intention of the project was to use the technological possibilities of the factories Paged Meble. I wanted to use soft forms such as comfortable upholstered seats and natural materials. I have proposed a plywood chair as the plywood has flexible properties, so the backrest fits perfectly, and it supports the entire surface of the back.
Omni chair has slightly curly finishings. It has three bases to choose from. A rotating office base, a rotating base on four stationary legs, and a stationary base with wooden legs and a lower backrest.

Personalization possibilities make the Omni not only an office chair but also a hotel chair or a restaurant chair. The version with wooden legs warms up the home interior.
Project: Klaudia Kasprzak | Jadwiga Husarska-Sobina
             Husarska Design Studio 

Photos: Mateusz Szostek | Klaudia Kasprzak
             Stream Vision

Client: Paged Meble


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